Chicken breast plasmalogen. Learning and memory enhancing agent: High Plasmalogen content

About Plasmalogen

Plasmalogen is a type of phospholipid that is contained in human body and animal.

Plasmalogen has attracted attention as an ingredient that is expected to improve cognitive function and learning function and prevent from deterioration of them.

Plasmalogen improve cognitive, learning function and prevent dementia Plasmalogen declines with age

Approximately 20% of the phospholipids in the human body are considered to be Plasmalogen, mainly abundant in area where there is large oxygen consumption such as brain, heart and skeletal muscle.

Almost 40% of Plasmalogen in blood is considered to gradually decrease with age and reports have also shown that Plasmalogen is decreased in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Serum plasmalogen levels

According to this report, hypothesis that level of Plasmalogen would be associated with onset of Alzheimer's disease are proposed and a lot of research has been done on it.

Confirming improcement in verbal memory and cognitive function speed in healthy people

When a 60-year-old man and woman with a sense of forgetfulness consumed chicken Plasmalogen for 12 weeks, a significant difference was obtained in verbal memory and cognitive function speed.

Human study results of Plasmalogen introduction of raw materials

Raw material specification etc.

<Liquid type>

Plasmalogen content: ≥12.5%

Raw material properties: Yellowish brown viscous liquid type of oil

Raw material shipping unit (packaging): 100g

Storage method: Store at≤-15℃ (frozen delivery)

Expiration date: 3 years from date of manufacture (inclusive) (if unopened)

<Powder type>

Plasmalogen content: ≥3%

Raw material properties: Light yellow powder

Raw material shipping unit (packaging): 500g

Storage method: Store at normal temperature

Expiration date : 2 year from date of manufacture (inclusive) (if unopened)

Safety test

Acute toxicity test, 90-day repeated dose study, chromosomal aberration test

Patent information (JP)

<Substance patent>

•Cerebral nerve cell neogenesis agent: 6016363

•Anti-central nervous system in inflammatory agent: 5847086

•Learning and memory enhancing agent: 6207545

<Patented manufacturing process>

•Functional ingredient obtained from chicken breast meat and the production method: 5483846

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